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What do I have to do?
Once your client has reached their year end, you send us a brief completed questionnaire about your client plus the necessary reports from your accounting software, and then relax in the knowledge that the year end process is being dealt with by us.

You will then receive a pack containing all of the necessary sets of accounts and tax return documents.  You will also receive full instructions setting out where your client needs to sign and where you need to send any paper copy documents to.  It really is that simple!

We are available on the end of the phone if you have any queries.

What am I responsible for?

It is the directors' responsibility to ensure that the company prepares annual accounts.  If they employ an Accountant to prepare the accounts for them, the Accountant will usually include an extra page in the accounts called an Accountant's Report, and this in part is what the client is paying extra for.

Accounts do not have to have an Accountant's Report and the directors can prepare and file the accounts themselves.  This is what we, together with our Bookkeeper clients, are helping the client to do.  By working with us, your clients will still have the benefit of a professionally prepared set of accounts which have been reviewed by a Chartered Accountant and if you wish, we can include an Accountant's Report page in the accounts for your firm to sign.

Your engagement with your client should show that you are preparing draft Statutory Accounts for the directors to approve, so your responsibility to your client is to provide this service.  Our contract with you will show that we are preparing the necessary documentation for your firm.  Therefore we are responsible solely to you and there is no actual or implied responsibility directly to your client.  However, we are responsible to you for the service that we have contracted with you to do.
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