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Is this suitable for my client?
We believe that there are many small businesses with straightforward accounts and tax affairs who may be paying expensive fees for accountancy services that they do not need.  It is common for firms of high street Accountants to charge a fixed fee.  In many cases, the accounts preparation work (that we offer to outsource for you) forms only a minor part of the services included in the fixed fee, as the balance relates to meetings and tax advice that not every client needs or receives.

If your client has a small company or LLP with straightforward accounts and tax affairs, does not need to meet with their Accountant and simply wants to fulfil their statutory obligations of filing their accounts and Corporation Tax return, this service may be suitable for them.  This service can be appropriate to a wide range of businesses across different industries, but what is common to all of these clients is that they enjoy a good relationship with their Bookkeeper who really understands how their business works, and want to pay a competitive fee limited to the service that they actually use.

Unfortunately this service is not for everyone.  Some larger companies may not be suitable for our product and full details are available upon request.  Clients who have complex tax affairs and who benefit from consulting regularly with a qualified Accountant should continue to do so.  Furthermore, we do not provide an Accountant's Report as we do not engage the client directly, so if your client requires the accounts to be used by a third party, such as the bank for a mortgage application or for raising capital/finance and the third party insists upon an Accountant's Report from a qualified Accountant, this will not be suitable.  The service we offer does not include any contact with your client directly, so we do not have access to all the necessary information on their financial affairs to provide advice to them.  All accounts preparation work will be based upon the data you provide to us, but we are happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the accounts, so that you can comfortably present them to your client.
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