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How does it work?
Client sends raw data to their Bookkeeper
The Bookkeeper then prepares records to Trial Balance and reconciles all Balance Sheet items
Apps Accountancy Services Ltd prepares the Statutory Accounts and Corporation Tax/Partnership return and sends this to the Bookkeeper in the form of a pack of electronic documents with complete instructions
Bookkeeper arranges for the client to agree and sign the Accounts and Corporation Tax/Partnership return
The Accounts and Tax returns are then filed with Companies House and HMRC, respectively. Some documents will be filed as paper copies by the Bookkeeper by following the instructions issued with the Accounts. Other documents will be filed electronically by Apps Accountancy Services Ltd on behalf of the Bookkeeper. Details are available on request. 
This additional service will form part of your normal business and will be repeatable year on year.

You manage your client relationship as we will have no contact with your client, because we will only be contracted to provide the outsourcing service to your firm.

You decide the terms of your engagement with your client for this service.
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